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Emergent Tech Solutions is pioneer in software development. We developed our own architecture to understand business logic and successfully implemented in the various business scenarios. Software development is a process with precisions and logic. It is well understood that the industry standards are different than the educational and procedures vary too. That`s why it is always believed that you can perform better if you are trained by professionals.

We understand software industry very well and we worked closely with the recent technologies. So we have hands on experience with market leading technologies. We have hands on experience with the technologies which are changing market scenario rapidly.

To name a few:

  1. Entity Framework (ORM for C#)
  2. Python
  3. Bootstrap, jQuery
  4. Ruby on Rails
  5. ...and many other required by complex business logic

Although we tried to answer some of the Frequently Asked Questions below, we encourage you to contact us directly…

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Frequently Asked Questions

We created a FULLSTACK WEB DEVELOPMENT programme which covers many relative technologies. We covers many technologies like responsive web, frontend development, css3, jQuery etc. This is not simple ASP.NET training class. We cover lot more.

Anybody can attend. Surely this training programme is inclined towards computer (include cellphones, android and any other platform) software development and we believe if you have prior knowledge of computer programming that would be added advantage. To know more you should attend a free demo to see if you fit in. The core idea behind this training is to create a work force of the people with requirements with industry rather than having lots of certificates, so we try to allow as much people as possible. Seeing is believing. Test us in the demo.

Education is necessary part of our life, but I believe getting trained from experienced hands will put you ahead in the line. Experience make men (also women) perfect. If you have tested industry environment you would be able to grasp things faster while you are actually doing job and you will achieve your goal faster. We offer the training with keeping your future in mind so once you are through, you would know how actually software industry works and where to jump in.

There are many branches in the area of software development. Some examples are (not in particular order):

  • Testing
  • Database development
  • Reverse engineering
  • Development for mobile platforms
  • Graphic design
  • Image processing
  • ...and many more

Obviously we are not covering all. Our focus is on web application development. We designed our programme for FULL STACK WEB DEVELOPMENT.

We have qualified instructors. You will be introduced in demo session. Just don`t forget to register for demo session so you will get notification.

This might sound contradictory to above but it is not. Although we do not cover everything in software engineering we make sure that you get best form us. We have uploaded our syllabus so you can look into and decide. Still after joining if you feel left in any of the topic, we will cover you up.

As we mentioned earlier experience is the key thing. Other than that we would like to cover:

  • How software are created?
  • How do we decide which programming language to use in industry?
  • How do we isolate parts and design them together?
  • How we can deliver software products?
  • Who are the buyers of software products?
  • How does versions of software come out?
  • ...and many more

Yes. You will have experience certificate.

Please contact us by any of the following:

  • Call us at 0288-2712777
  • Email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Leave us a message:

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