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Customized Software Development

Great design comes with understanding our clients needs
Every custom built thing starts from the concept or idea or requirement. Software is no exception. You might want to have a system for Accounting, Billing, Inventory (stock), Buying, selling, Manufacturing, Human resource management, Supply chain management,Transportation or something totally new, we are there for you. We develop software which handles your business process. The diagram below depicts this this nicely. Once we are connected, we gather requirements in specific manner called generate documents regarding that process. The documents contains workflow of the system. They also specify the behaviour of the system.

Once initial documents are confirmed we present you the wireframe and basic UI of the software. This will let you know that how software would work. If this pleases you, and we know you won’t have any reason to not, we will carry out your project.

Application Development Principles at Emergent

  • We love fluidity and we aim to achieve fluid UI in your software.
  • Why click a lot. Our software thinks so you are always relaxed.
  • Information is stored under the most secure algorithms known.
  • Simplicity at its best. From day one you will fill that this is the one you were looking.

  • Technology

    Microsoft .NET

  • Development Engine: C#
  • UI: WPF and XAML
  • ORM: Entity Framework
  • DB: MS SQL and LocalDB
  • JAVA

  • Development Engine: JAVA, Struts
  • UI: Swing, AWT
  • ORM: Hibernet
  • DB: MySQL
  • Customer Support


    10am - 7pm