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Below are the questions you might want to ask us. This frequently asked questions are crafted to answer your questions directly, it is divided into two sections, one is software related questions and second one deals with cloud related questions.
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Software Related Questions

The cost is calculated according to man hours. You specify requirements and we calculate best rates derived from man hours needed to develop solution for you.

Time taken to craft a perfect solution for you is depends on how complex the system is. The software engineering for your requirements is critical part and most of time is needed to perform it accurately.

Once developed and thoroughly tested software are available instantly via web. Though if you have chosen traditional way of standalone application, you will be notified by email and phone. Mobile based applications are either delivered directly to clients or can be uploaded to respective app store of the target platform if client choose to do so.

Cloud Related Questions

Most people do not know that they have already used cloud atleast once. If you use online storage like google drive, dropbox you are already using cloud technology. Cloud is technology which combines powerful hardware and software to form a unified system of computation.

Computations are performed on high performance processors and data is stored in servers which is available across many devices and platforms. In traditional computing everything is done at one place and results are stored locally.

We believe in best services. We develop web apps which runs on cloud for you which can run on cloud servers. We use industry leader cloud service from Amazon. If your solution need, we can also provide service from specialised cloud from IBM, salesforce, google or oracle.

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