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Cloud Solutions

Cloud computing is concept of using remotely located servers for computational needs. Cloud computing is growing and it is proving promising to the businesses. What drives cloud computing is increasing hardware requirements. You cannot upgrade each and every time when you upgrade your software, hence cloud computing.

Normal Servers

Normal servers are around since the incorporation of the internet. Most websites use this normal servers. They are idea for non-interactive, stand-alone websites. The task of normal web server is simple. It process request of user and provide response.

How Cloud works

Cloud Servers or clouds are highly engineered computing unit with hundreds of processors and gigabytes of RAM. The concept of cloud is simple, we buy only required computing power which we need and only pay for that. Like electricity, there are thousands of watts of electricity is produced in power stations but we use what we need and pay for what we used. In same case the large data centres are set up and processing power is available to customers. You pay for what is used. These are most ideas choice for web apps. Cloud is scalable, reliable, secure and high availability infrastructure of computers. You do not have to worry about how much hardware you will need or what if multiple users logged into your system. Everything is effectively managed. Backups are taken using multilevel redundant copies so your data remains safe always. Cloud can take away much of the pain of maintaining on-premises systems.

Notable Cloud Technologies:

  • Amazon web services (Market leader in cloud computing, also used aby Emergent)
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud
  • IBM SoftLayer


  • Clouds are scalable. If there are requirement of processing power or RAM, it can be allocated instantaneously. While normal webserver may get crash or hanged, in cloud scenario the application always runs smoother.
  • Access to bare metal is available in cloud servers. You can have any level of complex application setup, as cloud provides all levels of access from bare hardware to operating systems. In case of normal web server we have the webserver itself to our disposal and extending capability is limited.
  • Regular backup are provided from cloud end s we never lose anything. In case of accidents, we have latest copy backed up so we just have to restart the server instance, which takes minutes. In normal web server even if back up is created on regular basis, restoration is tedious than cloud.

Practicle Scenario

  • Let say your cloud application has multiple users logged in at same time or single user has opened complex application which require large CPU resource. What would happen:
    • In normal non cloud case :- Hardware will be over heated and will stop functioning at all.
    • With cloud technology :- Load balancers will manage the load and allocate more cpu power to your system. You application is never down.

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