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Application Programming Interface

API:Emergent Tech Solutions Sometimes there is a need for software to interact with other software. It is also possible that either of the communicating software is not made by same company. That might not even on same platform. One might be working on Windows and other might be running on Android. API helps us to bridge the gap.

API stands for Application Programming Interface, i.e. API is the way for an application to interact with certain system/application/library/etc.

For example, there are API's for OS (WinAPI), API's for other applications (like databases) and for specific libraries (for example, image processing), etc. APIs are usually developed in a form consumable by a client application. For C/C++ applications, it a set header files and dynamic/static libraries. For Java - set of jars. And so on.

1) An API(Application Programming Interface) is a set of defined functions and methods for interfacing with the underlying operating system or another program or service running on the computer.

2) It is usually used by establishing a reference to a library in your software or importing a function from a dll.

3) It is used in one form or another in almost all software, being explicitly called in your program or implicitly called by the compiler.

Emergent has experienced developers who can help to bridge the gap between your enterprise software systems. We also develop applications who can provide API to other systems. We can think of two examples. One is when you already have application implemented. Now you have to extend this applications because you are expanding your business and you need to achieve more. We help you to extend you existing application without much hassle and worry. In other case you might want to develop completely new application, along with extension functionality. These software can be extended by any other system on any given platform.

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